TRAINING TIP 58: Name the Sport

By Edwin Pauzer posted 09-15-2017 12:43


Energizers can add a jolt especially after lunch when eyelids say siesta time. They work best when used infrequently and won’t interrupt the content or context of skill development and learning. You can make it a free-for-all exercise by reading them aloud and letting people respond to them spontaneously, or having them work on them by groups in competition with each other. This one is called “Name the Sport.”  How many can you identify?”


It uses a shuttlecock

The player’s uniform is called a suit of lights

Lowest score wins

A perfect score is 300

Two sports with winner circles

The defense has the ball

Sports with strokes

It is 1500 miles long

Created by Nai Smith in 1861

Game of the American Indian

Sports with the penalty “Off Sides”

Sports with plays called aces


Those are 12 clues and I hope you get them all. You can probably create a great deal more. Have fun!