TRAINING TIP 60: Fruits and Veggies

By Edwin Pauzer posted 09-21-2017 10:10


This is an energizer I usually give right after lunch when the learners would love to let their minds relax on a full stomach.  I start out by telling them I am giving them a quiz. "A quiz?!" It's a word that usually strikes terror in the hearts of anyone who's been through school. I tell them they have to fill in the blanks with a fruit or a veggie that makes sense e.g. "Dearest Bunny, I have loved you since our first date. (Get it? Date?) You cannot say, "I have loved you since our first tomato."

Dearest Bunny,

I have loved you since our first ____________. I want you to know my heart ____________ only for you. If you _____________ all for me, ask your parents if they will _____________ get married. Since we _____________, I suppose we should have a church wedding. You’ve been the _________ of my eye since we met. I’m sure we would make a happy ___________. Everyone knows I go ____________ over you. It is a love like yours that makes a ____________ crazy. Please do not ___________ my hopes or ____________ your nose at me. If you do, I will go to the nearest river ___________ in.


___________ my love,




Good luck sports fans!