TRAINING TIP 7: Participants as Valued Customers

By Edwin Pauzer posted 09-28-2017 09:10


Objectives are critical to training. They are what the learners must be able to accomplish by the end of the training that they cannot accomplish at the start of it. Here is something else you can do besides simply stating what the objectives are and make your participants feel valued at the same time.

Ask the learners at the beginning what they would like to get out of the training. You can do this in several ways. You can ask them to come to the front and write what they would like to learn on a flip chart, (which will be posted to the wall), or write it on a post-it and post it on the flip chart at the front of the class. You can also have them write it on an index card and pass it forward. Now you know what they want to learn, and you can check each one off to ensure that everyone is satisfied that what they came for was covered, It’s also a great way to break the ice at the start of the training.

If you really have advance warning of the training, send an email to the employee and his or her supervisor asking each what they want the training to accomplish for them. Naturally, you will want to specify a return date before the training.

Remembering that skill competence is never fully achieved during training, you can send a follow-up email two or three weeks after the training asking if your former participants have had the opportunity to use their new found skills, what obstacles they might have encountered, or how they adapted it to their work environment. Also email the supervisor and ask if the training met his or her expectations and provide a rationale for each.

Treat your participants as if they are valued customers before, during, and after your training.