Training Tip 51: Round Robin Buzz Groups

By Edwin Pauzer posted 11-29-2017 08:41


I find this very helpful as a summary to the day or the training course. I ask each table to work as a group and record on Post-It flip charts all that they have learned or were taught that day or at the end of the course. I ensure that they each have a permanent marker of a different color.

At the end of the buzz group, I ask one person from each group to read their list to the class. Then, I ask each group to rotate to the other charts and add to that chart what they had on their own chart that was missing from the one they were now standing in front of. I ask that they use their own markers.

This has numerous advantages. You are making people, walk, talk and write. They cannot sleep or really daydream when doing all three. They are working as a group. Examining each chart reinforces what they already learned or helps them remember something they may have forgotten.

Next, a spokesperson from each group will stand and describe what their groups were able to add to other charts.

Give it time because it will take time, but it will be well worth it.