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Job shadowing - Preboarding

  • 1.  Job shadowing - Preboarding

    Posted 04-18-2024 12:21
    Edited by iConnect News 04-18-2024 12:21


    Checking to see if any organizations have a preboarding or job shadowing program for new hires. Background/context: My department has new employee orientation sessions scheduled on a regular cadence throughout the year. However, we have been exploring strategies that will allow us to increase hiring capacity. As a result, job offers are made for employees who may have to wait for 3-4 weeks before one of our scheduled new employee orientations begins. 

    Does your agency have a similar program? If so, what tasks do you allow these employees to perform before they receive formal corrections training? Job shadowing?  Looking for departments that have plans for employees who have been hired before an official new employee orientation onboarding process is scheduled to start. For reference, our employees go to the state academy for certification after new employee orientation has been completed. Thanks for any information you can share.

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